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1 consider bad or wrong [ant: approve]
2 deem wrong or inappropriate; "I disapprove of her child rearing methods" [syn: reject] [ant: approve]

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  1. To condemn; consider wrong or inappropriate.
  2. Refuse to approve; reject.
  3. To have or express an unfavorable opinion.


to condemn
  • Italian: disapprovare

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

abjure, attaint, ban, belittle, bespatter, blackball, blacken, blame, blot, blow upon, brand, brush aside, categorically reject, censure, chuck, chuck out, condemn, contemn, contradict, criticize, decline, decry, defame, defile, denounce, deny, deplore, deprecate, depreciate, despise, detract, disallow, disapprove of, discard, disclaim, discommend, discount, discountenance, disdain, disesteem, disfavor, dismiss, disown, disparage, dispraise, disregard, dissent from, except, exclude, expose, expose to infamy, expostulate, forswear, frown, frown at, frown down, frown upon, gibbet, grimace at, hang in effigy, ignore, knock, look askance at, look black upon, not approve, not go for, not hear of, not hold with, object, object to, oppose, ostracize, pass by, pass up, pillory, protest, push aside, put down, rebuff, recant, refuse, refuse to consider, reject, remonstrate, renounce, repel, reprehend, reprimand, reprobate, repudiate, repulse, run down, say no to, scout, shove away, slur, smear, soil, spurn, stain, stigmatize, sully, taint, take exception to, tarnish, think ill of, think little of, throw away, throw out, thumb down, turn away, turn down, turn out, view with disfavor, vilify, waive
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